ICDL Workforce modules - Office Applications - Presentations

Presentation programs are designed to project your thoughts in a more intuitive and elegant way. This program has built-in layouts for slides that you can fill with the information you intend to present with pictures, graphs and animations. This software is very useful to create an effective visual aid for the students to learn. For businesses, this tool has become a necessity during meetings and brain-storming sessions. The presentations can be also be loaded with audio clippings and flash animations. When your presentation is equipped with interactive integrated hardware elements, you can project your information across many geographic locations.

Skill Set

Task Item

Insert a graphical object (picture, image, drawn object) into a master slide. Remove a graphical object from a master slide

Enter text into footer of specific slides, all slides in a presentation

Apply automatic slide numbering, automatically updated date, non-updating date into footer of specific slides, all slides in a presentation

Skill Set

Organization Charts

Task Item

Create an organization chart with a labelled hierarchy by using a built-in organization chart feature

Change the hierarchical structure of an organization chart

Add, remove co-workers, subordinates in an organization chart


Prepare Outputs

Skill Set

Task Item

Add, remove transition effects between slides

Add, remove preset animation effects for different slide elements

Add presenter notes to slides

Select appropriate output format for slide presentation like: overhead, handout, on-screen show

Hide, show slides