The Advanced Presentations Course sets out advanced knowledge relating to planning and designing presentations, as well as the skills needed to produce advanced presentation outputs using LibreOffice Impress


Graphical Objects

Task Item

Apply background fill effects to a drawn object.

Apply a transparency effect to a drawn object.

Apply a 3-D effect and settings to a drawn object.

Pick up a style from a drawn object and apply it to another drawn object.

Change the default formatting for new drawn objects.



Skill Set

Audio, Video

Task Item

Embed online video into a slide.

Insert video to play automatically, on mouse click.

Insert audio to play automatically, on mouse click.

Create an audio recording.

Create a screen recording.

Insert audio to play in background in your presentation for an appropriate duration.

Skill Set

Task Item

Change custom animation effects and settings. Change sequence of custom animations in a slide.

Apply automatic settings so that bulleted points will dim to a specified colour after animation.

Animate chart elements by series, by category, by elements in series. Animate, do not animate chart grid and legend

Skill Set

Importing, Exporting, Securing

Task Item

Merge slide(s), a complete presentation, a word-processed outline into an existing presentation.

Save a specified slide as a file format: gif, jpeg, bmp.

Save a presentation as another file type like: rtf, video format.

Add, remove password protection for a presentation to open, to modify.

Task Item

Add, erase pen annotations during a slide show.

Display black, white screen during a slide show. Pause, restart, end a slide show.

Use presenter view for notes, slide preview, slide navigation, time.

Understand presentation delivery considerations like: practice (content and time), tone of voice (word emphasis, pitch, volume, intonation, pauses), body language and posture, use of storytelling.