ICDL Workforce modules - Office Applications - Documents

The Word Processor is a program that lets you create a document with pictures, hyperlinks and graphics. It offers you full freedom to customize the layout, fonts, size etc.; helps you to correct the grammar and spelling mistakes in the documents; provides you with suggestions from dictionary and thesaurus and allows you to save in many formats to run across many platforms.


Prepare Outputs

Skill Set

Task Item

Change document orientation:
portrait, landscape. Change paper size.

Change margins of entire document, top, bottom, left, right.

Recognize good practice in adding new pages: insert a page break rather than using the Return key.

Insert, delete a page break in a document.

Add, edit text in headers, footers. Add fields in headers, footers:
date, page number information, file name.

Apply automatic page numbering to a document.

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