Introducing Math

Math is LibreOffice’s component for writing mathematical and chemical equations. It is most commonly used as an equation editor for text documents, but it can also be used with other types of documents or as a stand-alone tool. When used … Take lesson

Math – Enhancing Productivity

Set basic options/preferences in the application: user name, default folder to open, save documents. To set the basic options in the Math application, click on ‘Tools’ from the main menu bar. From the resulting drop-down, click on ‘Options’. This will … Take lesson

Math – Formulas

Entering a Formula in Math In Math, we can enter formulas to create equations which can be mathematical or chemical in nature. There are three ways in which a formula can be entered in Math. … Take lesson

Math – The Elements Window

The Elements Window is the simplest method of entering a formula in Math. The Elements window is divided into two main parts. The top part shows the symbol categories. These can be used to change the list of symbols. The … Take lesson

Math – Context Window

Another way of entering formulas into Math is by using the context menu. This menu can be accessed by right-clicking inside the editor window. The steps to be followed are almost similar to what were followed for using the elements … Take lesson

Math – Entering Greek Characters

Greek characters (α, β, γ, θ, etc.) are common in mathematical formulas. These characters are not available in the Elements window or the right-click context menu in Math. Fortunately, the markup code for Greek characters is very simple. We just … Take lesson

Math – Formula Layouts

Using Brackets in Formulas The most difficult part in using LibreOffice Math is when writing complicated formulas. This is because LibreOffice Math knows nothing about the order of operations. We need to use brackets in order to state the order … Take lesson

Math – Recognizing Functions

In the basic installation, Math outputs variables in italics. If we enter a function, Math usually recognizes it and outputs it normally. If Math fails to recognize a function, we can inform Math about it by entering the markup code … Take lesson

Math – More Formula Layouts

Adding limits to a sum or an integral. In Math, the ‘sum’ and ‘int’ commands are used for sum and limits respectively. These commands can take the parameters ‘from’ and ‘to’. These are used for lower and upper limits respectively. … Take lesson

Math – Appearance of Formulas

Changing the font size. In LibreOffice Math, we can change the font size of the formulas. To change the font size of the formulas, click on ‘Format’ from the main menu bar and from the resulting menu, click on ‘Font … Take lesson

Math – Changing The Appearance

Adjusting spacing. To increase or decrease the spacing between the different elements of a formula, click on ‘Format’ from the main menu bar and from the resulting menu, click on ‘Spacing’. This will open the ‘Spacing’ dialog box. … Take lesson

Using Math With Writer Documents

Numbering equations in Writer We can write numbered equations in Writer. Equation numbering is one of the Writer’s best hidden features. The steps are very simple. Start a new line in Writer. Type ‘fn’ and then press ‘F3’ from the … Take lesson

Using Math With Calc, Impress and Draw

Graphical properties. Formula objects have similar properties in Calc, Impress, and Draw. They are always inserted with a transparent background and without borders. In Draw and Impress, they are assigned the Default graphical style; there is no assigned style for … Take lesson

Math – Customization

Formula editor as a floating window. The formula editor can cover a large part of the Writer window. In Writer, it is possible to turn the formula editor into a floating window. To convert the formula editor into a floating … Take lesson

Math – Import and Export

Export as PDF In Math, we can export a formula as a PDF document. To export as a PDF, click on ‘File’ from the main menu bar. From the resulting drop-down, click on ‘Export’. This opens the ‘Export’ dialog box. … Take lesson

Math Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the LibreOffice Math Application, part of the Office Software Suite series. … Take lesson