Advanced Presentations – Edit Slide Master

Edit slide master layouts like: font, bulleted list format, background colour and fill effects, placeholder position, placeholder deletion. In Impress, it is possible to edit a slide master after it has been created. The different layouts in a slide master … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Templates

Create a new template, theme. A template is simply a format based on which a new presentation will get created in Impress. There are a number of templates which are already present in Impress and if we want to have … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Using Charts

Format chart title, legend, data labels, axes labels. In order to format any of the chart properties, first of all we need to select the chart by double clicking on it, and then right click on the chart area. This … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Changing Charts

Change the chart type for a defined data series. In order to change the chart type of a chart which has been created for a defined data series, first of all we need to select the chart by double-clicking on … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Using Diagrams

Create using built- in options or other available drawing tools a diagram like: flowchart, cycle, pyramid. To create a diagram in Impress, click on ‘Insert’ from the main menu bar and from the resulting drop-down menu, click on ‘Media’ and … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Movies and Sound

Insert movies to play automatically, on mouse click. In LibreOffice Impress, we can insert a movie clip into a slide. To insert a movie clip, simply click on the ‘Insert Audio or Video’ place holder from the main slide area … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Animation

Change custom animation effects and settings. Change sequence of custom animations in a slide. Custom animations are applied to individual slide elements like charts, graphics, titles, bullet points etc. We apply slide animation from ‘Normal View’ so that each element … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Hyperlinks

Insert, edit, and remove a hyperlink. Hyperlinks are used to jump to a different location from within a presentation and this location can be in the same file, in different files and also some websites. … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Importing

Merge slide(s), a complete presentation into an existing presentation. Merging two presentations together means that the common portion in the two presentations will be retained and the differences between the two will get added to the one which is being … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Exporting

Save a specified slide as a file format: gif, jpeg, bmp. In Impress, it is possible to save an individual slide as a separate file. To save a particular impress slide as a specified file format, first of all open … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Custom Shows

Create, show a named custom slide show. A custom slide show can be used to show all or only some specific slides of a presentation in a user defined order. As many custom slide shows can be defined from one … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Slide Show Settings

Apply timings to, remove timings from slide transitions. In Impress, we can set up a slide show to run automatically. To set the default time for slides to be displayed before changing to the next slide, in the Tasks pane, … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations – Slide Show Control

Add, erase pen annotations during a slide show. In Impress, we can use pen annotations during a slide show to explain the different slides more effectively. This means that during a slide show, we can make our mouse pointer to … Take lesson

Advanced Presentations Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the Advanced Presentations Course, part of the Office Software Suite series. These quizzes are designed to improve your Presentation skills. … Take lesson