Advanced Database teach the student to understand key database concepts and use a relational database application to create a database structure and outputs as well as understand key concepts of database development and usage.


Database Concepts

Skill Set

Relationships and Joins

Task Item

Create, modify, delete a one-to-one, one-to-many relationship between tables.

Create, modify a many-to-many relationship using a junction table.

Apply referential integrity between tables.

Apply automatic update of related fields.

Apply automatic deletion of related records.

Apply, modify an inner join, outer join.

Create, modify a subtract join.

Apply a self join.



Skill Set


Task Item

Create, modify, delete bound controls: text box, combo box, list box, check box, option groups.

Apply, remove bound control properties like: limit to list, distinct values.

Create, modify, delete unbound controls containing arithmetic, logical expressions.

Modify sequential tab order of controls on a form.

Create, delete a linked subform.

Skill Set


Task Item

Insert, delete a data field in group, page, report headers and footers.

Sort, group records in a report by field(s).

Force page breaks for groups in a report.

Create, delete a linked subreport.


Enhancing Productivity

Skill Set

Linking, Importing

Task Item

Link external data to a database: spreadsheet, text (.txt, .csv), existing database files.

Import spreadsheet, text (.txt, .csv), XML, existing database files into a database.