File Systems

Once a partition/volume has been created, it then needs to be formatted with a File System. A File System organises and allows for the retrieval of the data stored on the disk.  This mechanism is similar to how office file … Take lesson

Recycle Bin

When a file is deleted from the hard drive it is placed by default in the recycle bin, only when the recycle bin is emptied is the file actually removed from the hard drive and the disk space can be … Take lesson

Temporary Internet Files and Cookies

Temporary Internet Files: for every website that is visited whilst browsing the internet, files and pictures are stored on your computer. They are stored as cached copies so the website can be displayed quicker if revisited. These files can occupy … Take lesson

Using Remote Desktop in Windows

In this lesson we will have a brief introduction to using Remote Desktop – a component of Windows that allows us to control another computer remotely. Sometimes we need to operate a computer remotely. For example perhaps we are maintaining … Take lesson