Temporary Internet Files and Cookies

Temporary Internet Files: for every website that is visited whilst browsing the internet, files and pictures are stored on your computer. They are stored as cached copies so the website can be displayed quicker if revisited. These files can occupy up to 10% of the total hard drive space. Deleting these files on a regular basis frees up valuable drive space.

Cookies are small text based files placed on the hard drive by websites. They are used to track pages and links visited on that site or other sites viewed from links on that site. Some of these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed; there are also persistent cookies which remain on the computer.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

  1. To delete temporary internet files and cookies, right click “Internet Explorer” and select “Properties”
  2. Then in the Temporary Internet files section, select “Delete Files”
  3. Select “OK” to confirm deletion of the files
  4. Next select “Delete Cookies”
  5. For help on any item that shows on this page click the “?”, then click the item.
  6. Click “OK” to confirm deletion of these files
  7. For privacy purposes the history of websites visited can also be cleared by clicking “Clear History”
  8. Click “Yes” to confirm deletion of these files