Antivirus Software

A virus scanner is possibly the most important piece of software that is installed on your computer. Protection from viruses is only as good as the last update. Out of date virus protection may as well not be on the … Take lesson

Changing Desktop Background in Windows 7

Many people like to customise the way their computer desktop appears, to make it less cluttered. In this lesson we’ll see some common techniques to change the desktop. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson First, right click … Take lesson

Connecting to Wireless Networks in Windows

In this lesson we look at connecting to a standard wireless network in Windows. To access the internet you must be connected to a network. Often nowadays these networks are wireless, also sometimes called WiFi. Use the buttons below to … Take lesson

Disk Clean Up

Disk cleanup can be used to clear unused files on the hard drive and offers more options than just emptying the recycle bin and deleting temporary internet files. Files such as temp, office setup and old restore points can be … Take lesson

Disk Defragmenter

When files are created on the hard disk they are placed one after another. If a file is reopened and worked on, the new part has to be placed in the next available free space, so the file becomes fragmented.  … Take lesson

How to Create an E-mail account online

In this lesson we will see how to create an email account using an online service. E-mail is a standard way of sending messages to a person or business over the internet. In order to send and receive email we … Take lesson

Scan Disk

Scandisk is used to check the integrity of the file system, also to scan the physical hard disk for bad sectors. These bad sectors can lead to data loss or corruption and are one of the first signs of a … Take lesson