Understanding Databases

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the Understanding Databases Course, part of the Office Software Suite series. These quizzes are designed to improve your database skills.

There are twenty questions. The pass mark is 70 out of a potential 100 points, 5 for each question.

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The unique identifying field that must be set in each database table is called the…


To generate whole numbers automatically in a table, what must you select from 'field type' and 'field properties'?


After you have saved a table for the first time in Base, you can add fields in-between existing ones by right clicking and selecting 'insert'


When filtering records, if you select <= 40 it will return values that are..


What is the keyboard shortcut to run a query?


What symbols do you use in a function or formula to represent 'not equal to'?


When creating a relationship, when would you select 'update cascade'?


If you use criterion =25 in a query, which set of values for that field could possibly be returned from the following?


In a form, if you change the data it will automatically update the table without selecting save?


What word(s) could be returned from a query that used the criterion "LIKE No?" from the following?


What does a database administrator do?


What is the purpose of a database report ?


Why would you want to use a grouped report?


To export data from a table or query you have to select records, copy, then paste into Calc or Writer..


To add records to an existing table you should…


If you want to report the average amounts of a field you should…


The label field is…


To change the orientation of a report or exported table or query, you should…


To hide or unhide fields in a query you check or uncheck the 'Visible' box…


The keyboard shortcut to close a query that you have previously run is…

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