Advanced Presentations

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the Advanced Presentations Course, part of the Office Software Suite series. These quizzes are designed to improve your Spreadsheet skills.

There are twenty questions. The pass mark is 70 out of a potential 100 points, 5 for each question.

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Which of the following formats can be used to display a picture or image in LibreOffice Impress?


Which among the following file formats can be used to save an individual specified slide in LibreOffice Impress?


In LibreOffice Impress, whenever we are planning a presentation, it is not of much significance to take into account the different aspects about the target audience.


During the presentation, if the room size of the venue is going to be very large and the screen available is going to be comparatively smaller, then it becomes very important to use larger fonts for all the text so that everything is visible to all the people in the room.


In LibreOffice Impress, a template is simply a format based on which a new presentation will get created.


It is not possible to change the chart type of the chart which has been created for a defined data series in Impress.


In LibreOffice Impress, it is possible to change the slide transition time for a slide show.


Which of the following type of multimedia files can be inserted into a slide in LibreOffice Impress?


Hyperlinks are used to jump to different locations from within a presentation. These locations can be:


In LibreOffice Impress, which of the following Options is not present in the ‘Hyperlink’ dialog box?


In LibreOffice Impress, which among the following can be used to show all or only some specific slides of a presentation in a user defined order?


In LibreOffice Impress, we can add animation effects to a chart as a whole but not to the individual chart elements.


In LibreOffice Impress, it is not possible to auto-repeat or loop continuously the whole presentation once it is played.


In Impress, during a slide show, we can make our mouse pointer to work as a pen which can be used to highlight the different portions of a slide or to add some supporting text which enhances the overall presentation.


In LibreOffice Impress, what is used as the starting point for other slides and which also controls the basic formatting of all slides which are based on it?


In LibreOffice Impress, while planning a presentation, the different fancy fonts and animation and transition effects available should be used as much as possible and there usage should not be monitored at all.


What is the functionality of the ‘DOCUMENT’ option while creation of a hyperlink?


It is not possible to create a link to a file from a presentation in Impress.


In a presentation, if the total time available is limited, then it becomes very important to limit the number of slides to a reasonable number so that each slide can be given a fair amount of time and so that it can be explained properly.


In Impress, while working with charts, we can use custom images by importing them into the charts from our local machine.

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