This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the Understanding Presentarions Course, part of the Office Software Suite series. These quizzes are designed to improve your Presentation Building skills.

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1) While formatting text in Impress, under which tab of ‘Character’ dialog box do we get ‘Style’ dropdown list?
2) Is it possible to open multiple presentations simultaneously at a time in LibreOffice Impress?
3) Which of the following basic options/preferences can be set in the LibreOffice Impress application?
4) Is it possible to spell check and make changes to a presentation in LibreOffice Impress?
5) How do we select an image in a slide?
6) Which view in Impress is used to set up the layout of the slides of a presentation for creating a hardcopy?
7) Which is the default view in Impress which is generally used to create individual slides?
8) In LibreOffice Impress, the undo command undoes the effect of the recent changes which were made to the presentation in such a way so that the most recent change is undone first. The redo command performs the most recent change done to the presentation again.
9) While creating a new presentation in Impress, we can;
10) Which of the following cannot be changed when a presentation is saved in LibreOffice Impress?
11) Which of the following actions cannot be performed on a graphical object in LibreOffice Impress?
12) In LibreOffice Impress, the slide which is used as the starting point for all the other slides is known as a Master slide. Any new slide which is created based on a particular master slide has all the characteristics of that master slide.
13) Which of the following is an invalid formatting style for text in LibreOffice Impress?
14) While printing a document, in the ‘Page Style’ dialog box, under which tab can we change the ‘Paper Size’ and ‘Orientation’?
15) When we create a presentation in LibreOffice Impress, the content added to any slide should be appropriately short and precise as this helps in creating self-explanatory and easier to understand slides.
16) Do we have a built-in organization chart feature available in LibreOffice Impress?
17) Which among these is not a chart type available in LibreOffice Impress?
18) In LibreOffice Impress, it is not possible to add a custom shading/background color to a Slide.
19) Whenever we create a new slide in LibreOffice Impress, it is advisable to always use a different title for each slide.
20) If the ‘Tips’ HELP option is enabled in LibreOffice Impress, then by placing the mouse pointer over any icon we get

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