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The objective of this course is to familiarize you with the LibreOffice Writer package, on completion you will be able to understand the principles of Word Processing.

From Beginner to expert in simple to follow steps

The Word Processing training course will take you from the beginning, installing and opening the Writer program, then it will teach you to recognise the layout of the Document, including Toolbars and menus.

These Lessons Will Help You Improve Your Word Processing Skills.

The Word Processor is a program that lets you create a document with pictures, hyperlinks and graphics. It offers you full freedom to customize the layout, fonts, size etc.; helps you to correct the grammar and spelling mistakes in the documents; provides you with suggestions from dictionary and thesaurus and allows you to save in many formats to run across many platforms. Advanced word processors help multiple users to edit a single document at the same time, help to create table of contents, provide version control for a document and so on. The Word Processors are widely used by authors, editors, copy writers, and students for their everyday works.

For this course we will use the Program Writer from the free LibreOffice package.


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