WINS Proxy Agents

A WINS proxy agent is used to provide NetBIOS name resolution for clients on remote subnets that can’t use WINS. A WINS proxy agent will intercept B-node broadcasts on its local subnet and communicate with a WINS server on behalf of a B-node client. Any Windows Server machine can function as a WINS proxy.

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PC4 is attempting to locate PC5 by using a broadcast. Since routers block broadcasts the name query fails.

PC1 has been configured as a WINS Proxy. The Broadcast is picked up by PC1 and the query is forwarded to the WINS Server. The name query is successful.

Configuring a WINS Proxy Agent

To create a WINS proxy ,WINS must be installed and the Windows registry must be edited. Click on Start. Click on Run. The Run box will appear. Type regedit in the open dialog box. Click on OK to open the Windows registry editor. The Windows Registry Editor will appear. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Expand SYSTEM. Expand CurrentControlSet. Expand Services. Scroll down to find NetBT. Expand NetBT. Click on Parameters.

The EnableProxy value is currently set to 0, to enable this machine as a WINS Proxy the value needs to be changed to 1. Double-click on EnableProxy. Change the value to 1. Click on OK to accept the new value. For the new settings to take effect, the machine will need to be restarted.