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How To Build A Website

This course is designed to take you from beginner to Web Builder.  No previous experience is needed to take these 19 lessons.

cssThis course has three modules;

Module 1 - What is the Internet?

        • What Is The Internet
        • How do web browsers work?
        • What is HTTP?
        • Web Server Responses

Module 2 - Creating websites with HTML

        • Introduction to HTML
        • Viewing Website HTML in our browsers
        • Creating our first HTML document
        • Understanding Basic HTML
        • Adding Text to our HTML page
        • Adding Links and Images in HTML
        • How to add navigation to a simple HTML page
        • Class, ID and < div > and < span > in HTML
        • How are complex HTML websites created?

Module 3 - CSS

        • What Is CSS?
        • Understanding CSS Selectors
        • Using Simple CSS Styles for text
        • Padding, Border and Margin in CSS
        • Loading External CSS Files using the tag
        • More advanced CSS

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Enter your name and email address, then press "Enrol Me". You will then be sent links to these lessons on a regular basis. When you have completed this course to will be sent updates on new courses, all of which will be free.