Web Server Configuration in IIS 6

To set up a claims-aware application on a Web server, you need to configure IIS and create a claims-aware application. To do so, perform the following steps. On completion of this exercise you will have created a blank application, which is all that is required for this exercise.

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Click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Select Default Web Site and click Bindings. Ensure HTTPS is bound to port 443. Then click Close. Double click SSL Settings. Verify that Require SSL and Client certifications is set to Accept. If not change setting and click Apply. Right click the Default Web Site and select Add Application. In the Alias field type in application name. (E.G. Claimapp1) In the Application pool field click Select. From the drop down list select Classic .Net AppPool.  Click OK. In the Physical path field click ….Browse to the wwwroot folder. Make New Folder called Claimsapps and click OK. Click OK. The application has been created but this is an empty application just created for this exercise.