Free Website Development Training Course.

How To Create A Website

The Complete Beginner's Guide

This Training Will Help You Understand How Websites Are Formed

At the end of the course you will have created a simple websites yourself

cssDuring this course we will look at the answers to questions such as:-

  • What is the internet?
  • How do web browsers work?
  • What is HTTP?
  • How to use CSS.

This is a total of 19 Lessons - All Free

All explained simply and clearly, and in an interesting way.

We hope you find this insight into the world of the web, how computers work, and what makes the important technology in the world today work, as fascinating as we do.

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Web Site Development Course Overview

Is the World Wide Web the same as the internet? You will learn how the internet is the globally-connected network, and the Web is a way of accessing information over that network.

What happens when you load a page? How does your browser load a page, how does it interact with the server, and what responses does it get?

Each time you load a page your browser makes many requests, and the server sends many responses. What is contained within those responses?

We will explain what HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are. The differences between them, what they are used for, conventions about their use, and you will even learn to write some yourself.

You will also learn about the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and how your data is encrypted so only your browser and the web server can read it, using a technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layers).

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