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The objective of this course is to familiarize you with the LibreOffice Calc package, on completion you will be able to understand the principles of Spreadsheets.

From Beginner to expert in simple to follow steps

CalcThe Spreadsheet training course will take you from the beginning, installing and opening the spreadsheet program, then it will teach you to recognise the layout of the spreadsheet, including Toolbars and menus.

These Lessons Will Help You Improve Your Spreadsheet Skills.

A spreadsheet in this context is a computer program designed to help in the processing of structured information, commonly numbers. The word spreadsheet comes from how accountants would use a SHEET of paper to SPREAD values like costs and profit into a format that was easy to see.

In line with its paper based origins the spreadsheet program we will be looking at can also be used to manipulate numbers, in fact if you have any structured data that you need to be presented in an attractive way then a spreadsheet is the best tool.

The advantage of using a spreadsheet over other programs is that it can constantly update figures without having to constantly re-calculate the results, when your spreadsheet is set up all calculations will be instantly updated and the results will be correct. You can start performing “what if” calculations, make one change in a large spreadsheet and the results can be viewed instantly.

For this course we will use the Program Calc from the free LibreOffice package.

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Course Content

Basic Spreadsheet Course

Part 1 - LibreOffice Installation

Part 2 - Using Spreadsheets

Part 3 - Spreadsheet Cells

Part 4 - Managing Worksheets

Part 5 - Formulas and Functions

Part 6 - Spreadsheet Formatting

Part 7 - Charts

Part 8 - Prepare Outputs

Advanced Spreadsheet Course

Part 1 - Advanced Formatting

Part 2 - Advanced Functions and Formulas

Part 3 - Advanced Charts

Part 4 - Data Analysis

Part 5 - Validating and Auditing Data

Part 6 - Using Spreadsheets to Enhance Productivity

Part 7 - Collaborative Editing

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