Setup a client machine as you want it ensuring that you use the same version of Windows XP Professional as the image on the RIS server. To run “RIPREP” click on Start.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Click on RUN. In the Open box type in the network path of the shared RemoteInstall folder (REMINST) located on the RIS Server. \\server\reminst will open up the RemoteInstall folder on the RIS server “admin1”. Click on OK to continue. Open the Admin Folder. Open the i386 folder. This is the Remote Installation Preparation Wizard. Click on Next to continue. Specify the name of the RIS Server and click Next to continue. Type the name of a new Folder into which to save the image. The image will be saved to a folder called clientpro. Click Next to continue. Type in a Friendly Description and any information into the relevant boxes. This information will appear in the Client Installation Wizard. Click on Next to continue. Click on Next to stop the shown services. On the summary page check that all information is correct and click Next to continue. Upon clicking Next, all files and settings from this machine will be copied to the RIS server and the computer will be rebooted. Once the image has been copied over it will appear in the Images page on the RIS server and can be selected from the OS choices menu on the client machines.