Using Answer Files in RIS

RIS installations can also be made unattended. This is ideal for installing multiple machines. The Setup manager utility is used to create an answer file which is associated with a particular image. Options such as the computer’s name have to be configured through the server properties page and cannot be configured in the answer file.

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To create an answer file for RIS, the Setup Manager utility is used. When creating the answer file make sure you select Remote Installation Services. Setup Manager will ask you to specify a name for the image. This name will appear in the Client Installation Wizard. By default the answer file is named “remboot.sif”. Save the answer file to the root of the drive for easier navigation. The answer file for RIS differs somewhat from standard unattended answer files. Note the section for UserData. The FullName, OrgName, and ComputerName parameters are set by the server and cannot be configured in the answer file.

Once the answer file has been created, it will need to be associated with an existing image. To associate an answer file to an image right-click on the RIS server in Active Directory Users and Computers.

Select Properties. Select Remote Install. Select Advanced Settings. Click on Images. Click on Add, to add a new image. Ensure Associate a new answer file to an existing image is selected and click Next. Select the location of the answer file, in this case an Alternate location, and click Next. Select the image with which to associate the answer file. WINDOWS is selected. Click on Next to continue. Type in the location of the answer file into the Path: box. Click on Next to continue. Choose a name for the installation. The name will appear in the client installation wizard. Click Next to continue. The summary page will appear. Click on Finish to close the new image box. The new image appears in the Client Installation Wizard alongside the existing image.