Understanding Word Processing Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the Understanding Word Processing Course, part of the Office Software Suite series. These quizzes are designed to improve your Word Processing skills. There are twenty questions. The pass mark is 70 out of a potential 100 points, 5 for each question.

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Is it possible to open multiple documents simultaneously at a time in LibreOffice writer?


If the ‘Tips’ HELP option is enabled in LibreOffice Writer, then by placing the mouse pointer over any icon we get


While creating a new document in Writer, we can


Which is the default view in Writer?


What is the significance of the ‘.’ non printing character?


Which among the following is a non-printing formatting mark?


While formatting text, under which tab of ‘Paragraph Style’ dialog box do we get ‘Style’ dropdown list?


When creating a new paragraph, why is it advisable to use appropriate spacing between paragraphs rather than using the return key?


While applying a character style to selected text, from the drop down list ‘Styles and Formatting’, what do we need to do in order to select any particular style?


Why is it advisable to use different ‘Alignment and Indentation’ tools instead of inserting spaces in a document?


How do we select an image in a document?


Using the options available under the ‘Paragraph Style’ dialog box, we can only change the font style of a piece of text but not the colour of that text.


Is using a return key the best practice for adding new pages to a document?


To apply ‘Subscript’ or ‘Superscript’ to any text in a writer document, first we need to select the text. Then, right-clicking on the selected text will open a new context menu. From this menu, we can click on ‘Subscript’ or ‘Superscript’.


What is the representation of a ‘Page Break’ in Writer?


Is it possible to add new words to a built-in custom dictionary in LibreOffice Writer?


While printing a document, in the ‘Page Style’ dialog box, under which tab can we change the ‘Paper Size’ and ‘Orientation’?


Which among the following is a valid ‘Field’ in LibreOffice Writer?
Click all that apply.


In LibreOffice Writer, it is not possible to add a custom shading/background color to a Paragraph.


In LibreOffice Writer, the undo command undoes the effect of the recent changes which were made to the document in such a way so that the most recent change is undone first. The redo command performs the most recent change done to the document again.

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