This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the contents of the Understanding Spreadsheets Course, part of the Office Software Suite series. These quizzes are designed to improve your Spreadsheet skills.

There are twenty questions. The pass mark is 70 out of a potential 100 points, 5 for each question.

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1) When we enter a text value in a cell in LibreOffice Calc, then these are by default……
2) Which of the following error code signifies that the column, row or sheet for the referenced cell is missing?
3) In LibreOffice Calc, for the ‘ROUND’ function from the ‘Mathematical’ category, if the ‘number’ selected from a cell is ‘1006.5555’ and the ‘count’ given is 2, then the result will be ….
4) When working with worksheets, we should just accept the default names for the new worksheets instead of changing the names as it saves us time and does not make much of a difference.
5) Which of the following cannot be changed when a spreadsheet is saved?
6) The ‘COUNT’ function from the ‘Statistical’ category in LibreOffice Calc counts how many values are present in the argument list. This function counts the number of all kinds of values present in the argument list, be it numbers or text or any other.
7) In LibreOffice Calc, which tool can be used to make incremental data entries into a spreadsheet?
8) To insert a new column into a spread sheet, we need to right-click on the column header to the right of which we want to insert a new column, and from the resulting menu we need to click on ‘Insert Columns Right’.
9) The undo command undoes the effect of the recent changes which were made to the document in such a way so that the most recent change is undone in the end.
10) Which among these is not a chart type available in LibreOffice Calc?
11) Which of the following is an acceptable syntax for absolute cell referencing in LibreOffice Calc?
12) Which of the following error code signifies no valid reference for an argument?
13) When using functions and formulas in LibreOffice Calc, it is always better to enter cell references rather than typing numbers directly into the formulas.
14) In LibreOffice Calc, the logical function ‘If’, takes how many arguments?
15) What is the shortcut keyboard command for selecting the entire worksheet?
16) Which among these tools is most commonly used to copy the formatting from a cell or a cell range to another cell or cell range?
17) In Calc, freezing locks a number of rows at the top of a spread sheet or a number of columns on the left of a spread sheet or both rows and columns. Then, when moving around within a sheet, the cells in frozen rows and columns always remain in view.
18) Which of the following basic options/preferences can be set in the LibreOffice Calc application?
19) It is possible to hide/display the different types of toolbars which are displayed at a time in LibreOffice Calc.
20) Which of the following is not good practice when entering data to the cells of a spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc?

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  1. It has been nice and entertaining learning this course. I can now use charts to present information with easy.

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