Understanding Databases – Report Headers and Footers

Add, modify text in headers, footers in a report.

42 Headers and Footers

Open a report in design view, by right clicking the report in the main window and selecting edit.

To add text to a header or footer, first click ‘Label Field’ from the toolbar.

Click and drag where you want to place the text.

With the label box selected, click the ‘properties’ icon or right click and select properties to display properties window.

To modify the text, click inside the label dialogue box in the properties window and type text.

To edit the font, size and style of the text, click the 3 dots icon next to ‘Font’ in the properties window.

To change the alignment of the text, select options from Horz and Vert Alignment in the properties window.

Any text in the header or footer will display on every page of the report when it is executed.