Understanding Databases – Present Fields By Minimum or Maximum

Present specific fields by maximum or minimum

You can present fields in a report using maximum or minimum functions, again without the need for a query.

The function is applied directly to the field to either display the minimum or maximum value from the records. Therefore, it can only be used on numerical values.

32 Fields by Max or Min

An example where this could be used is in a financial or accounting report. For instance, you could display the maximum or minimum sales figures for a given time frame.

From the main window, right click the report and select edit.

Create a label and text box for the specific field you want to find the maximum or minimum of e.g. Maximum Bonus.

Double click the text box or select Properties from the toolbar.

In the properties window, select the ‘Data’ tab.

Change Data Field Type to ‘Function’.

Select the specific Data Field, e.g. bonus.

From the ‘Function’ drop-down menu select ‘Maximum’ or ‘Minimum’.

34 Output

The data will be displayed with the maximum or minimum value in the specified box.

In this example, the maximum bonus from the bonus field is displayed.