Understanding Databases – Create a Report

Create and name a report based on a table or query

2 Create Report

Begin by clicking ‘Reports’ in the Database area of the main window, then click ‘Use Wizard to Create Report’ from the Tasks area.

3 Which Fields

In the Report Wizard window, select the desired table or query from the drop down menu.

Select the fields that you want to show in the report by double clicking in the Available Fields menu.

If you want to display them all, click the fast forward button.

Click next when ready to move on. For now, keep clicking until you get to ‘5. Choose layout’

4 Choose Layout

Try selecting different Layouts, such as columnar, in blocks, etc.

Notice how it changes the display in the main report page behind.

This is how your final report will look, so decide on a style you like, then click Next.

5 Create Report

Type a name for the report in the dialogue box under ‘Title of report’ and select ‘Dynamic report’ and ‘Create report now’.

Click Finish to run the report, opening a text document in LibreOffice Writer.

6 Text Document

The text document will display all the data fields and records from the table or query that you selected.

Notice that in this example some of the records are repeated as they had mobile and home number data in one of the tables.

Soon we will look at creating grouped reports to solve this problem.