Understanding Databases – Tables & Records

Add or delete records in a table

To add a record, click a cell in the table.

Enter valid data into the cell, for instance, for Start Date, make sure you enter it in a date format.

If you move down to the next row, and the ID is set to Integer auto-value, the next integer will automatically appear.

3-1 Add records

To enter data in another cell, simply click on the desired cell and type the data.

3-2 Delete Records

To delete an entire row of records, right click the grey box to the left of the row and select ‘Delete Rows’ from the drop-down menu.

Delete or modify data in records

3-3 Modify Records

To delete data in a record, either left click on the record then delete manually, or right click the cell and select ‘Delete’ from the drop-down menu.

To modify data, simply delete existing data in the record and type in new data.