Publishing Resources in Active Directory

Publishing resources such as shared folders in Active Directory makes the task of retrieval easier for other users. Users won’t need to know which machine the folder is located on as it will appear when browsing Active Directory.

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To publish a resource the Active Directory Users and Computers Management console is used. Right-click on the domain.

Select New and the type of resource you are publishing, e.g. Shared Folder. Type in a name for the folder and specify the shared folders network path. Click OK. The shared folder “Accounts” has now been published. Double-click on Accounts to view the folder’s properties. A description can be added for the folder as well as Keywords which can be used to browse for the folder. Click OK to close the dialog box. The shared folder “Accounts” can easily be found by browsing the Active Directory. The location of “Accounts” does not need to be known by clients.