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Some of the common terms which you are going to encounter in this tutorial have been described here.

dialogbox is a special type of window. Its purpose is to inform you of something, or request input from you, or both.In most cases, you can interact only with the dialog (not the document itself) as long as the dialog remains open. When you close the dialog after use (usually, clicking ‘OK’ or another button saves your changes and closes the dialog), then you can again work with your document. Though, some dialogs can be left open as you work, so you can switch back and forth between the dialog and your document.

drop-down menu is a list of clickable options which gets displayed on click of a button. A sub-menu is a similar list of clickable options which is displayed on the click of one of the options from the main menu, which is mostly going to be a drop-down menu.

Other than these, all the other terms which are going to be used in this tutorial are going to be defined as we move along with the course.