Obtain and Install the Issuing CA Certificate

Now, you will obtain the certificate to complete the installation of the issuing CA. You should normally perform this procedure offline using a removable storage device such as a floppy disk or a USB flash drive, but for the purpose of this exercise, you will use a shared folder to transfer the certificate request and the certificate after it is issued.

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This procedure will require both CAs to be online and accessible. SRV1 standalone root CA and SRV2 Enterprise sub-ordinate CA.

Firstly you will request a certificate from the Root CA (SRV1) then export and install the certificate on the issuing CA (SRV2).

On SRV1 access Certification Authority. Expand the Certification Authority. Right click and select All Tasks>Submit new request. Access the shared folder where the request file was saved in the previous lesson. Open the saved file. The request file has been placed in the pending folder. Right click and select All Tasks>Issue. The certificate has now been moved to the Issued Certificates folder. Double click the Certificate. Select the Details tab. Select Copy to file. Click Next. Select Cryptographic message syntax standard and Include all certifications in the certification path.  Then click Next. Type in or browse to the shared folder. Fill in the file name and Save. Click Next. Click Finish. Click OK.


We now need to install the certificate on the issuing CA (SRV2). Select Certification Authority. Right click CA server. Select All Tasks>Install CA Certificate. Navigate to the shared folder and select the saved Certificate and click Open. The CA certificate has been imported. The CA will need to be started.