New Domain Clients

To join a  domain the client must have the correct TCP/IP settings and point to the correct DNS server that hosts the domain. You must also have an account with appropriate privileges to join a computer to the domain – normally this is the domain administrator.

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To join the client to the domain you must point it to the DNS server for that domain.

To join the client to the domain right-click on My Computer. Select Properties. Select Computer Name. Select Change. The computer Admin2 is currently a member of a workgroup. Select the Domain box to join the client to a domain. In the Domain box type in the name for the domain, e.g. ES-NET Click on OK to accept. The Domain Username and Password box will appear. Type in the username and password of a domain user who has the right to join clients to the domain, e.g. the Domain Administrator account. Click on OK to continue. All being well a greeting box will appear. Click on OK to continue. Click on OK to reboot the computer. The new client appears on the Domain Controller inside the Computers container.