IPSec and Remote Access

Security is a major concern when using Remote Access since company data has be transferred over the internet. Using the tunnelling protocol L2TP (Layer 2 tunnelling protocol) a tunnel can be created through another network. Any data inside the tunnel can be protected using IPSec. A disadvantage of using L2TP is that only Windows 2000/XP clients can use it. L2TP uses certificates for authentication.

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Configuring IPSec for tunnel mode

Tunnels can also be constructed manually. To construct a tunnel two rules will need to be created on each end of the tunnel: One for inbound traffic and one for outbound traffic. Each side’s rule will have two filter lists with the tunnel endpoints being the router addresses.

Filter List 1:  Filter from any IP address to IP subnet 10.2.*  Tunnel endpoint of
Filter List 2:  Filter from IP subnet 10.2.* to any IP address,  Tunnel endpoint of

Tunnel Endpoints are specified when setting up a new Security Rule covered in the IPSec policies section.