Introduction to Group Policy

Group policies are used to restrict what a user can and can’t do. For example, they can be used to remove the “run” command from a users start menu, or to set a specific background image. Group policies are very similar to the local policies , but on a workstation computer the Domain group policy always overrides the Local one. This is the “Effective Setting” for  a machine joined to a domain.

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Group policies can be applied to either a particular computer, or a particular user. When applied to a computer, the settings are applied to all users who log onto that computer. When applied to a user, the settings apply to that particular user, no matter which computer he/she logs on to.

Group policies are used for:

  1. Efficiency – reducing network traffic, thus lowering running costs.
  2. Security –  preventing users from tampering with things they shouldn’t, thus increasing productivity and reducing administration costs.