Interoperability with Novell Netware

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

To install the NWLink protocol, right-click on My Network Places.

Select Properties.

Right-click the network connection you wish to install NWLink on.

Select Properties.

Click on Install.

Select Protocol.

Click on Add.

A list of protocols is displayed. Highlight NWLink.

Click on OK.

NWLink has now been installed for Local Area Connection.

Configuring NWLink

To configure NWLink, Highlight NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol.

Select Properties.

The adapter group controls what types of network data frames the adapter will recognize as containing NWLink. In order for machines to communicate they must be using the same frame type. In most cases Auto frame type will detect it. However, the frame type can be manually entered as well.

Client Service for NetWare

Although NWLink enables Windows 2003 machines to communicate with NetWare machines, a gateway service is needed for the two different systems to share resources. A Windows 2003 computer can access resources on the NetWare server as a client through the integrated Client Service for NetWare component.  CSNW relies on the NWLink protocol, which is automatically installed alongside CSNW.

Installing CSNW

To install CSNW right-click on My Network Places.

Select Properties.

Right-click the local area connection on which you want to install CSNW.

Select Properties.

Click Install.

Client has been selected, click on Add.

Client Service for NetWare has been selected, click on OK to continue.

Notice that NWLink has also been installed. Click on Close to close the Local Area Connection properties box.

When the computer restarts, you are prompted to set your Default Tree and Context or your Preferred Server. This information is used to access the NetWare server.