Interoperability with Apple Macintosh

Many companies with Windows 2003 Servers may also have Apple Macintosh computers. For this reason, Windows 2003, continues to support three tools for Macintosh interoperability :

  • The AppleTalk Protocol
  • Print server for Macintosh
  • File server for Macintosh

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The File Server for Macintosh allows your Windows 2003 computer running AppleTalk to act as a file server for Macintosh computers. In order to act as a Macintosh file server, your Windows 2003 server must have NTFS volumes available on which to create a Macintosh-accessible volume.

Installing AppleTalk

To install AppleTalk, right-click on My Network Places.

Select Properties.

Right-click on the connection on which AppleTalk is to be installed.

Select Properties.

Click on Install to install a new protocol.

Select Protocol.

Click on Add.

A list of protocols is displayed. AppleTalk has been highlighted by default, click on OK to continue.

AppleTalk has been installed for the Local Area Connection.

Installing File Server for Macintosh

To install File Server for Macintosh, the Add/Remove Windows Components wizard is used. Click on Start.

Select Control Panel.

Select Add or Remove Programs.

Double-click on Add/Remove Windows Components.

Select the check box next to Other Network File and Print Services.

Click on Details to view the available File and Print Services.

Deselect Print Services for Unix as this is not required.

Both File Services for Macintosh and Print Services for Macintosh have been selected. Click on OK to continue.

Click on Next to install the selected components.

Windows will install and configure the selected components. The Windows CD-ROM may be needed during this stage.

Click on Finish to close the Components Wizard.

Creating a Macintosh Accessible Volume

To create a Macintosh accessible volume, the Shared Folders management tool is used. Right-click on My Computer.

Select Manage.

Computer Management will appear, expand Shared Folders.

To create a new share, right-click on Shares.

Select New Share.

The Share a Folder Wizard appears. Click Next to continue.

In the Folder to share box, type the name of the folder to share. The folder can also be browsed for. (N.B. This folder must be located on an NTFS volume.)

Check the Apple Macintosh check box to make the folder available for Macintosh machines.

Click on Next to continue.

Choose the level of access clients will have to the share. Select Administrators have full control; other users have read-only access.

Click on Finish to create the volume.

The newly created shares appear in the shares list.

Print Server for Macintosh

Print Server for Macintosh provides for 2 functions on a network:

The ability for Macintosh clients to print to printers controlled by Windows 2003 servers.

The ability for Windows clients to connect to Macintosh printers through a Windows 2003 Print Server.

To configure this functionality, AppleTalk protocol and the Print Server for Macintosh must be installed.