Installing Software

The following section will deal with the installation of Microsoft Anti-spyware. Now renamed Windows Defender still available as a free download from On par with viruses, spyware now infects more computers than ever before. As such spyware scans and updates should be included in a regular maintenance routine.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

  1. After downloading the software the installation will be started by double clicking the program icon
  2. The installation starts as with most installations a wizard will guide you through the setup.
  3. Click next to continue
  4. Accept the license agreement
  5. Choose installation folder, select change if you wish to place the application in a different location
  6. Select next to accept the default directory
  7. Select Install to complete.
  8. The application will now be installed
  9. After completing select finish to close the installation software
  10. After the installation, the software will need to be launched and configured. Click on the newly created desktop icon, if the program does not create an icon it can be accessed through start and programs.
  11. Initiating and configuring software is a normal part of any software install but may vary. This could be as simple as filling in user details to configuring how the application is used i.e. updates, home folder.
  12. Setup assistant will guide you through the configuration options
  13. For the setup configuration the defaults are normally acceptable, firstly enable automatic updates next to continue
  14. Enable security agent protection, this is real-time protection stopping spy ware from installing in the background
  15. Spynet: gathers information on spy ware threats enable quicker responses to threats. Click finish to update the settings
  16. Antispyware has detected a service running that may allow spyware to be installed on the computer, select stop service to close this service.
  17. Final step is to run a quick scan
  18. Before running this scan an update needs to be run, select update now
  19. Auto updater will check and download the latest updates
  20. After the update is completed click close and the scan will start
  21. When the scan completes a report is displayed, files scan and threats found. Click close to finish.
  22. With the scan complete we will now view and change some of the default options: from the toolbar select options then settings
  23. Auto updater settings, time and frequency of updates can be set here. Recommendation would be to check for updates daily, setting the time to suit personnel requirements normally a time when the computer would be connected to the internet.
  24. Applying updates automatically is recommended any updates will be installed without user intervention. Software updates will be notified these may include patches or newer versions of the program.
  25. The updater will be altered to update daily at 12pm when this computer will have an internet connection.
  26. Next real-time protection, the default recommendations are acceptable
  27. Alerts: the default settings will allow for pop-up warnings to be displayed if any spyware is detected leave all boxes ticked
  28. Next select general, from user mode select novice, this setting will allow the program to display less pop-ups and block known threats automatically
  29. Select save
  30. Next select tools and summary
  31. From the summary page select scan schedule
  32. To automate the scan, select every day and set the daily start time to when the computer will powered on
  33. Select update schedule then OK to finish
    The installation of this software is now completed with scans and updates automated.