Installing and Configuring an SUS Server

Currently Microsoft does not distribute SUS with Windows Server 2003. A copy of SUS can be obtained from Microsoft’s Website.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Run the installer to launch the SUS Setup Wizard. Click on Next to continue. Click I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next. Select Custom setup to configure various options relating to SUS. The wizard will ask you where you would like to install SUS and store all of the updates (This can get very large). Click Next to continue. To save on disk space and download time select only the languages you require, e.g. English only. Click Next to continue.

It is generally a good idea to approve updates before allowing users to use them. Click on Next to accept the default. Note down the information needed for your clients and click Install. SUS is then installed. Note down the address given by the installer, as this is how you will administer the SUS server. Click on Finish to close the Wizard.

Configuring the SUS Server

Using the address you noted down from the install, open a web browser and connect to the server. Before synchronizing with Windows Update, Select Set options to configure the server. This page will ask you how you want to obtain the updates and also the name of the server. You are also given the option to synchronize from another SUS server (This server could contain updates approved by another administrator that you wish to deploy to your department).   Select Synchronize server, when all options have been set.

You can either set a Synchronization Schedule (e.g. Once a week) or synchronize manually. Select Synchronize Now to begin synchronizing with the Windows Update site. Your server will then be synchronized. N.B. The first synchronization can take an extremely long time especially over a small internet connection. Once all updates have been synchronized an information box will appear. Click on OK.

A long list of updates will appear. Check the box for the updates from the list that you wish to approve. Select the Approve Button. Click on Yes to accept the warning. Accept the License Agreement for the updates. Wait for the updates to be approved. Click on OK to close the information box. The updates are now ready for your clients to download.