Install AD CS as an Enterprise Issuing CA

Right click Roles. Select Add Roles. Click Next. Select Active Directory Certificate Services and click Next. Click Next.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Select Certification Authority and Online Responder and click Next. When Online Responder is selected Web role services need to be added as well. Click Add required Role Services. Click Next. Select Enterprise and click Next. Select Subordinate CA and click Next. Select Create a new private key Select Create a new private key. Select the default settings and click Next. Assign a Common Name and click Next. Select Save a Certificate request and click Next. Select Database and log file locations and click Next. Click Next. Review Web Services and click Next. Review Selections and click Install. Click Close. Certificate services is now installed but cannot issue certificates, until it’s own certificate is obtained and installed. The saved request file will be used in the next lesson to obtain a subordinate CA certificate.