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Follow The ICDL Syllabus

With Libreoffice, The Free And Open-Source Office Productivity Software Suite

Revise for the ICDL Workforce Documents certification course with these lessons. ICDL certification is internationally recognised by employers and institutions.

To obtain ICDL certification, you need to contact the local ICDL operator in your country.

ICDL Workforce modules - Office Applications


This course will teach you how to develop, format, modify and use a spreadsheet, to use standard formulas and functions, and to create and format graphs or charts.


This course will show you how to create, format and finish word processing documents, such as letters, CVs, and other documents.


This course covers the creation of a professional standard presentations. you will learn how to create, format, modify and prepare presentations using different slide layouts for display and printed distribution.

ICDL Professional modules - Computational

Management Spreadsheets

This course will teach you how to produce more sophisticated reports, and to perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations.

Using Databases

This course will teach you the main concepts of databases and how to use a database application. Topics covered include creating and modifying tables, queries, forms and reports, and preparing outputs ready for distribution.

Databases (Advanced)

This course will teach you how to use the advanced tools available in Base to better manage, organize, and report structured information.

ICDL Professional modules - Creative

Documents (Advanced)

This course will teach you how to use the advanced features of Write to enhance your work, improve productivity, and save time. Ideal for the workplace.

Presentation (Advanced)

This course will teach you how to create effective, high-impact presentations using advanced features of Impress.

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The website Free Online Training Courses and all the lessons published are completely independent from the ICDL Foundation and have not been verified for accuracy. There is no guarantee that any candidate will pass the ICDL test on completion of this course. It is strongly recommended that any student wishing to achieve ICDL qualification should contact their country's ICDL operator. Click Here to find your local operator.

The quizzes provided on the site are to test your knowledge of the content of these lessons only, they do not imply any certification from ICDL.

Use these lessons as an additional revision source to the formal training suggested by your local ICDL operator.

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