Advanced Spreadsheets – Hyperlinks

Insert, edit, and remove a hyperlink.

Hyperlinks are used to jump to a different location from within a spread sheet and this location can be in the same file, in different files and also some websites.

To insert a hyperlink, click on ‘Insert’ from the main menu bar, and from the resulting drop-down menu, click on ‘Hyperlink’. This will open the ‘Hyperlink’ dialog box.

Hyperlink 9

In this dialog box, we have four options in the left hand side of the dialog. These are ‘Internet’, ‘Mail & News’, ‘Document’ and ‘New Document’. Under ‘Internet’, we can create a hyperlink to jump to a website. The website URL can be entered in the ‘Target’ field.

Under ‘Mail & News’, we can create a hyperlink for sending an email. The email ID and the subject for the email can be set here under the ‘Recipient’ and ‘Subject’ fields.
Under ‘Document’, we can create a hyperlink for jumping an already existing document. The path for this document can be browsed to by using the ‘Path’ field.

Under ‘New Document’, we can create a hyperlink for creating and opening a new document. The file name and file type can be specified under the ‘File’ and ‘File Type’ fields.
There are a number of other options as well which can be set as per the requirements. This is how we can insert a hyperlink in a Calc spread sheet.

To edit a hyperlink, right click on the cell containing the hyperlink. After this double-click on the same cell to select the hyperlink. Now click on ‘Insert’ from the main menu bar, and from the resulting drop-down, click on ‘Hyperlink’. The ‘Hyperlink’ dialog box will get opened with the selected hyperlink already open in the dialog. You can make changes to the hyperlink here and then click on ‘Apply’. This will save the changes. After this, click on ‘OK’. The changes will get reflected in the sheet.

To remove a hyperlink, select the hyperlink and then click on ‘Delete’ button from the keyboard. This will delete the hyperlink.