Edit and Sort Spreadsheet Cells — 270 Comments

  1. I had be wanting to learn more about spreadsheet, but i had no one ever since i completed school. I was surfing the internet one day and i came across this website. In summary this website is useful and helpful to me since i start learning this. I recommend this site to those who want to learn I.T

  2. My name is Abdirahman ,iam very apprecaite this lesson but i need to get this lesson by vedio in order to dowloand thank you how well you prepraped the lesson iget the point

  3. Dear sir
    Assalamu A’laikum

    I am a Head teacher of Uttaran model High School in Cox’s Bazar.I have ten years experience as a officer- Cluster Facilities & HR Division in robi Corporate Office, Dhaka.
    I am interested in the post ‘’HR Executive ”.

    Attach necessary documents for your Information Please
    Your Sincerely

    Mashiur Rahman


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