Driver Signing

Driver signing is a digital imprint that is Microsoft’s way of guaranteeing that a driver has been tested and will work with the operating system.  Digitally signing a file is the process by which you can guarantee that a particular file comes from the source that it claims to come from.  The application of driver signing is governed by a policy set using the System program in the Control Panel.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Driver Signing is configured through the system applet in Control Panel or from the Properties of My Computer.  Select the Hardware Tab.

Click the Driver Signing button.

Ignore will allow all device drivers to be installed whether they are digitally signed or not.

Warn will display a warning message where an Installation is attempted on a device driver without a digital signature.

Block will prevent an installation of an unsigned device driver.

Notice the default Setting is Warn. Choose an option and click OK.