Dfs Links in Windows Server

Once the Dfs Root has been setup, links can be created to the various folders. Once created, all folders will appear to be located on one server.

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To add a new Dfs link, right-click on the Dfs Root. Select New Link. Specify the name for the new link into the Link name box. In the path to target box, type the location of the shared folder to which Accounts will link. The Clients cache this referral box specifies how long a client will store the link in its memory before querying the Dfs server again. Click on OK to continue. The new link for Accounts appears inside the Es-net Dfs root. More links can be added the same way by right-clicking on the Dfs root……and choosing New Link. Again specify the Link name and shared folder location. Remember that clients will connect to the folder by using the Link Name. Click on OK to continue. The link for Puma also appears underneath the Dfs Root. All other links are added in exactly this same way. As many links can be added as desired. The Dfs root is accessed like any other shared folder. The Dfs links appear inside the Dfs root folder.