In order to use a Windows computer you must log on with your user account. Here we see how to create a new account.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson


We might want to have multiple accounts on our computer so that family members can share the same computer and yet have their own accounts. Each account comes with a place to store Documents and Pictures and other personal data.

To create a new account you have to find the Control Panel. This can be achieved by clicking the Start button and then looking for the Control Panel icon, or typing the words ‘Control Panel’ after clicking Start.

On the Control Panel you have UseCr management options. These are referred to differently in different versions of Windows. Look for something called “User Accounts” or similar, for example:


Clicking this button takes you to a page which displays information about accounts.
You want to find the option that lets you create a new account.

In some versions of Windows you are asked for a Microsoft account. This is an online account with that links all your different logons on different computers.

Alternatively you can create a local account. Local accounts are the standard for all versions of Windows before Windows 8 – they just exist on the local computer.

When creating an account you may have to click to ‘Manage another accounts’ to get to the option to create an account:


Then click to create an account:


At this point you enter the name for the account and choose whether or not it should be an Administrator. Note that Administrator access gives the user FULL control over your machine so it is good practice to only give Administrator access to accounts that really need it.

Finally click the ‘Create Account’ button and you are done!


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