Creating a new user group in Windows XP

To create a new group the Computer Management console is used. Expand Local Users and Groups.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Select Groups.

A list of all current groups is displayed. To create a new group right-click on Groups.

Select New Group.

While in theory an Administrator can assign any name to a group, this is normally done in line with company policy.

Whereas a user has a list of groups within his membership tabs, a group has a list of users in its membership. Click Add.

Type in the name of the user you wish to add. Multiple users can be added by adding a semicolon(;) after each name.

e.g. “Pauline Potter;jacksonr” will add both the Pauline Potter and Jacksonr user accounts. Click OK.

Once you are finished. Click create.

The Create New Groups dialogue box stays open for more groups to be created.

This view shows both Pauline and Jacksonr’s membership of the MD group. Both users consequently have the cumulative permissions of all the groups of which he has membership. N.B. All users are members of the Users group by default.