Creating and Configuring Group Accounts

Groups are created and configured from the Active Directory Users and Computers console, right-click on the container where you would like to create the group.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Select New -> Group. Choose a name for the group. Choose the Group scope and Group type from the choices available. N.B. Universal groups will not be available when using Pre-Windows 2000 native domains. Click on OK to continue. The new group has now been created. N.B. You can also create groups using the “dsadd” utility. To configure the group select Properties. The General tab allows you to configure general information about the group as well as change its scope and type. The Members tab lists the groups current members. Members can be easily added by selecting Add. The Members Of tab shows which groups this group is a member of. This is known as group nesting. Multiple users and groups can be easily added to a group by selecting them using the Management Console. N.B. Multiple objects can be selected by holding down the “Ctrl” key. Select Add to a group. Various common properties for the selected users can also be configured from the right-click context menu. Find the relevant group and click on OK. Click on OK to close the information dialog box. All of the selected users have now been added to the group.