Configuring Dfs Fault Tolerance in Windows Server

Although the Dfs Root is fault-tolerant, if any links inside the Dfs go down then they will be lost until the server is recovered. To create a fault-tolerant Dfs link, right-click on the Dfs root.

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Select New Link. Type a Link name and the location of the Target. Accounts will link to \\Admin1\accounts. Click OK to continue. The new link is displayed in the Dfs management console. If admin1 was to go down then the root folder would still be accessible, but Accounts would be unavailable. To create a new Dfs link replica right-click on Accounts. Select New Target. Type in the network location of the folder to be used as a replica of Accounts. Click OK to continue. Accounts will point to both shared folders \\admin1\accounts and \\admin3\accounts allowing for fault-tolerance. To enable replication click on Yes.

Replication wizard starts Click on next to continue. Before replication can take place a folder will need to be selected  as an initial master. Select \\admin1\accounts. Click next to continue. Click on Topology.  Select Custom.  Click on Finish to continue. Connections will have to be created before replication can be started. Click OK.

Right Click on Accounts.  Click on Properties.  Select Replication.  Select Customize.  Select New.   Select the servers to connect.    Click OK to continue.  When all connections are complete, click OK. Replication is enabled. Right click accounts to check its status. Select Check Status.  A green tick indicates that all is as it should be.   Further links can now be added.