Configure Client-side Targeting

You use Group Policy objects (GPOs) to add computers to computer groups when you enable client-side targeting. First, configure the WSUS server for client-side targeting.

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Select Options and then Computers. Select Use Group Policy or Registry settings on computer. Then click OK. Select Group Policy Management. You will need to create separate GPOs for each computer group and configure each to apply only to the appropriate computers. In this example the GPO will be applied to the Servers OU. Right Click the OU and select Create GPO in this domain and link it here.. Type a name for the new policy and click OK. Select the new policy. Select Settings. Right click Computer Configuration and select Edit.

Expand Administrative Templates> Expand Windows Components. Scroll down and select Windows Updates. Right click Enable client-side targeting and select Properties. Select Enabled. Type in the Group name and click OK. The policy is now enabled.

You will also need to Configure Automatic Updates. Right click and select Properties. Select Enabled. Check the settings and click OK. Right click Specify intranet Microsoft update service location and select Properties. Select Enabled. Set the Update and Statistic server addresses, these will normally be the same server and click OK.

Configure any further options you require, and close the editor. The policies have now been  Enabled. Server has been automatically add to the group.