Client Servers and Browsers

Web Concepts: Key Terms

Understand the term client/server. Understand the functionality and relationship between the browser, web server.

Understand The Term β€œClient /Server”

Client Server

Understand The Relationship Between Web Browser & Server

Client / Server refers to the relationship between two pieces of software, in which the client program requests a service from the server program.

The server fulfils the request for the client by undertaking the service and providing the result.

For example, if you want to check your balance using online banking, the client program on the website requests the information from a server program owned by the bank


A Web Server hosts the websites and pages that you can visit via the WWW.

A Web Browser is a program that allows you to access pages through the WWW.

The web browser understands the HTML code of the page and translates and formats it into text and other media that displays on your device.


There is a connection between the web server and web browser.

Each webpage or web resource has a unique URL (uniform resource locator).

The web browser asks the web server to retrieve and display the information for the specific page when the URL is entered or a link is clicked in a search engine or another website.


Some web browsers let you know what is happening between the client and server with a visual display.

For instance, in Google Chrome, the spinning blue circle that appears next to the cursor when a web page is loading rotates clockwise when receiving data from the server, and counter-clockwise when uploading to the server.

Browser request


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