What do I do to achieve the certification?

The training we are offering is designed to prepare you for the actual certification exam(s). We are not involved in the actual examination process, nor do we provide the certification itself. The exams are held by external providers.You should visit http://www.prometric.com/Microsoft/default.htm to find your nearest location and costs involved.

How should I plan my course schedule?

You will need to read all books before taking any exams. Questions from all these books appear in each exam. The free training provided on this site should be used in conjunction with the books not as a separate item; references in the training should be used as guide to book sections. These chapters should be read as a whole not just in part. Practicals should and need to be done repeatedly so they become like second nature, remember practice makes perfect. The help files within Windows2008 are also valuable source of information on most subjects. Use the quizzes after each module to gauge your progress remember that readiness exams are available on the cds included with the books. Further tests can be downloaded from various sites on the internet for free.

How Long is each course?

One of the main advantages of this type of learning is that is self paced.  You can work at your own speed and you can repeat any section you do not feel comfortable with.  Depending upon your background and practical experiences the speed you take each course will be different.

How do I enrol?

Just register your details on the registration page and the lessons will be sent to your mailbox.  You have nothing to loose, the training is all free.