Applying for Certificates

Certificates can be applied for in two different ways:

  1. Using the certificates snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
  2. Using a web browser. (N.B. In order to use a web browser the certificate authority must have IIS installed.)

Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson

Using the Certificates MMC snap-in

Click on Start. Choose Run. Type MMC to open a console……and OK.

Click on file. Add/Remove Snap-in.  Click on Add to see a list of available tools. Select Certificates. Click add to apply this snap-in.Select the account type for the focus of this MMC, click finish. Click OK.

Expand certificates. Existing certificates can be viewed through here, but we can use it to request a certificate, too.. Clicking All Tasks brings up the Request New  Have a final check of details before clicking Finish. Certificate command. A familiar-looking Wizard appears. Click Next…Choose a type and click Next. Choose a name and a sensibly useful description. It might not seem important here, but  a clear description helps if there’s more than one certificate in the store. Click next when you’re satisfied. Click OK .

As well as requesting certificates, you can view existing certificates with the MMC. Double-click on the certificate. Not very exciting, perhaps, but you may be asked questions about the details of a certificate in your exam. Using the CA’s MMC it’s possible to see the certificates which a CA has issued……or the details of any one of them.

Applying for Certificates through a Web-Browser

To apply for a certificate through a web-browser type in the address “http://server_address/certsrv” To request a new certificate, click request a certificate. The next page will prompt for the type of certificate. To choose from a list of templates select Advanced request. Ensure Submit a certificate request to this CA using a form is selected. To view the different templates available, scroll down the Certificate Template list. Choose a certificate from the list and then scroll the window down. Click Submit.  Script Warning box appears, Click Yes to continue. The certificate has been approved and issued. To install the certificate click on Install this certificate. The certificate has been successfully installed. The issued certificates, listed on the Certificate Authority.